When clients hire us, they are hiring a partner. Here’s what we bring to the partnership:



  • We are compelled to be brave, stay curious, and ask questions of ourselves and those we work with in order to dig deeper and understand the “why” of the struggles faced.

  • We don’t shy away from having difficult, courageous, and crucial conversations.


  • We do our consulting work because we’re driven to move great missions forward faster.

  • We believe in the power of compassion to change people and organizations.


  • We hold ourselves to high standards, and our clients expect excellence from us.

  • We are dependable, dedicated, and determined to make a valuable contribution.


  • We balance thoughtfulness and practicality. We slow down enough to think strategically and analyze situations, while also maintaining a healthy bias toward informed action.

  • We embrace “both/and” over “either/or” and believe in progress over perfection.


  • Our love of meaningful work creates a sense of vibrancy for us and those around us.

  • Clients know us for our positive energy and the joyful attitude we bring to our work.